Monday, October 22, 2012

The Jumper

 Take a look at our 4 month old girl! Yes, this Saturday Elsie turned 4 months old! 

If you look super closely, you can see her tooth in this pic!
Big news: She can sit up on her own now! 

On another topic, My sister Ashleigh and her husband Brandon came to visit at the beginning of September for Elsie's baby blessing. While they were here, they got her a jumper. Of course, she was a little bit... little for it back then. But now she's not! I love watching her stand up and spin around. And she loves it too! See for yourself:
(oh, and I was trying to get her to giggle too)

She doesn't know how to jump yet, but when she does, there will be a video!

Ashleigh was the one who got me to start this blog. I miss her SO much! She has a blog too! Check it out!


  1. Haha, so cute! Glad she likes it. :)

  2. Awwwwweeee KK! I LOVE this blog post! Elsie is such a darling angel. Thanks for the blog shout-out, and I am SO glad elsie is enjoying that jumper. I am dying of cuteness overload.... :-)

    1. You must have look at yourself in the mirror my love. LOL - I love this blog!

    2. HAHAHA! Kaelyn... how do you feel about me and brandon being so nerdy on your blog? I love this blog too. <3