Saturday, September 07, 2013

Hi Again

Well, it's been way too long! My sister has practically been begging me to update my blog. I guess I just haven't felt much like a blogger the past few months. You know, like the kind of person who just sits down and has awesome pictures and the perfect words to share with everyone. But that's no excuse. So here I am.


Elsie turned 1.
So I made her a ONEsie (haha),

And a birthday cake,

 Which she very cautiously bit into, and thoroughly enjoyed.

The next week we had Elsie's first birthday party! It was a cupcake theme. Get ready for an overload of pictures!

my homemade cupcakes

all set up before everyone arrived

You can see my sister from Washington on the right

The cutest smile

The smash cake

The smashed cake

Too much sugar

Elsie's favorite toy turned out to be this balloon


My little sister Sarah left on her mission to New Jersey!

Here she is with Elsie and Quinn (second cousins?)

And we had some family pictures taken

Then... Ashley, Elsie and I went to South Africa for a whole month! I think those pictures will have to come in another post. But it was great! It was Elsie's first time meeting Ash's family. Also, Ash and I spent our 2 year anniversary there. <3 Love you, babe!

Now it's bath time and then bed time. But before I leave, I must show you a picture of Elsie's hair!

It's curly!

Okay, two pictures. I did a ponytail in her hair today.

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