Monday, May 18, 2015

One Moment

I stay at home with my children. Sometimes it can get a little monotonous, the whining and crying can get annoying, the never ending laundry and dishes can get overwhelming. But sometimes, there are moments when I am just so happy and love those kids of mine so much I could cry. Those moments could happen when Elsie gives me a big hug, when Luke looks at his sister with complete adoration, when they are both sleeping, when they both want to be held (and are both in tears), or when I am watching Luke practice standing up and crawling and Elsie walks into the room with her face covered in my makeup!

I've just had one of those moments. I am not mad. I am not overwhelmed. I am not annoyed. I am amused. I am happy. I am kind of proud (that she knows she doesn't need to use all of the lipstick anymore). Most of all, I love them. I feel like this moment was the breath of fresh air I needed to keep my patience (and sanity) and remember what's important. To remember that a clean kitchen isn't everything, and these two will only be small for a short time. This one moment, I fully enjoyed them. 

I hope you will have a moment (or lots of moments) of joy today.

Love, Kaelyn

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